We Think You Should Feel Supported by The People You Work With

How we treat each other makes us better as educators and as software creators. Our talent remains approachable and ready to lend a hand because it's the right thing to do.


Educating and Developing Digital Products for Everyone Worldwide

DX stands as a symbol of progress and change, the roadmap of going from point x0 up to point x1. It reflects our deep strive to improve ourselves and our capacity to bring into the world a change for the better. We think of our tech skills as a great set of tools that can push any business from zero to hero, from the early days before the internet, all the way into the great future that awaits us.

Our team is super diverse and so are our customers, business people and entrepreneurs from all over the world, each of them chasing their dreams with great tenacity, giving their very best to bring change into the world with their ideas. And as they pursue their goals, we stand by their side, educating them and providing them with the right tools in order for them to reach their goal.

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Andrei Statescu The CEO


Meet Our CEO, Andrei Statescu

Before starting DX Software, Andrei worked as a Software Engineer alongside big names such as Microsoft, Deliveroo, Continental and the US Golf Association. He left his job behind and joined forces with some of the smartest minds in the web3 industry and together establish DX Software as a beacon of blockchain knowledge that contributes to the ever-growing crypto market.

He takes great pleasure in bringing value to so many unique companies, by taking their tech stack to the next level, increasing their efficiency and unlocking new potential. And while great things were done so far, this is merely the beginning of our journey.

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Empowering Everyone and Anyone To Build Their Business

The heart of DX is our goodwill and our ambition, therefore we fill our ranks only with the strongest and the kindest. People with powerful skills, good mastering of their field and a great desire and capability to learn and to embrace the new. People with good communication skills, honest and transparent, capable of explaining their complex work and ideas even our most non-technical collaborators.

These are the people you would entrust with your systems, just like you would entrust a doctor with your body during a surgery, knowing that everything is in good hands and you can relax.

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Pushing Tech to the Moon and Beyond

Everyday we learn and evolve, striving to be among the best in a world of ever-changing technology, making sure we stand aligned with the latest practices in the Web2 and the Web3 industries. And as our customers pursue their business goals, we stand by their side, guiding them into the digital world and empowering them with the tools and systems they need in order to scale their business.

Our team stands a constant, powerful mix of skill and diversity with one common goal that unites us - the willingness to constantly push ourselves and everything we do to the next level.


Are You Ready to Do the Impossible?

We learn and we innovate, we build and we support, combining theory with practice, and turning ideas into digital masterpieces. Should you be interested in joining our team, be ready to dream the unthinkable and perform the impossible.

You will find here the support to grow your personality, the time to improve your skills, the playground to train your mind. Be ready for a challenge. This is not a journey for the weak.

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Let us join your team and guide you to success!

Together we can build great projects for many years to come. Sky's the limit!


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