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Software Development

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Creating software of any kind is our true point of mastery. No matter what your needs are, we can help you choose the right software, build it for you, integrate it for you. A great deal of a business' success depends on the technical system they are using behind the scenes, whether that's merely subscriptions of existing whitelabel software on the market or bespoke software customised to some very particular needs.

How do we ramp up your infrastructure?

  • Identify your needs and choose the right products on the market where applicable, so you don’t have to rebuild the wheel every time on your own budget

  • Integrate complex tools within your existing systems thought APIs so that you can get the most of the more customised scenarios of our favourite tools

  • Develop new tools and integrations from scratch that will automate your processes, reduce your costs, eliminate the human error and give you back the control over your growing business

Software Development Categories

Web Applications

With the right online software your employees and your customers can access your business systems and data from anywhere, thus giving each participant the exact tools to make the most out of their work. From basic time tracking, meeting schedulers, social apps or notifications systems to the more complex ERPs, accountability software, management systems or marketing campaign tools, we can select and build for you the right apps to optimise your business and offer you an awesome experience.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps bring a lot more convenience to your workflow, allowing your business to be accessible from anywhere, within the grasp of your own pocket. Not only are our web apps always fully mobile optimised, but we can also develop cross platform native mobile apps for an even better experience and performance. Whether your focus is on Android or iOS, on smartphones or tablets, on screen sizes and versions of any kind, we can make sure the app is going to be available on all your systems of choice.

Desktop Applications

So many processes in a company are initially done manually, but as the company scales, it becomes such a big waste of time and effort to have your employee doing the same task over and over again. Why not have automation software that does that instead? Apps can speed up completion of many parts of your workflow, remove the risk of human error and even reduce your hiring costs. Show us your company processes and we'll suggest interesting and profitable ways in which a software could do them for you.

Internal System

If your business is not similar to many others, it might be very likely that your most crucial needs are not met by the current software out there. As a result, your very custom platforms and your very particular flows beg for a set of internal systems that can accommodate your particular needs. Together we can work with you to understand the details of your business and put together a plan to build the system that will help you succeed and make your life easier.

Software as Services

If your business aims to provide powerful and reliable services that bring value to people, then perhaps providing that service as an online service would make it accessible to even more people. Your customers would log into your platform and easily access all benefits at their convenience. Have their payments and subscriptions managed within the platform and your life will be much easier. Our team can build such platforms for you, integrate it with your existing systems and provide powerful new features according to your customer's needs and to your own desires.

Payment System

Whatever platform you have, payment systems are what brings money to the table. An insecure payment system can leave your business open to dangerous vulnerabilities, so we make sure to build systems that protect your financial transactions with the strongest security combined with the best usability. We work with most of the reliable payment providers, such as Stripe, PayPal, Wise, Cardnet, Paymentsense, Netopia and many others in any currency you wish. We can even implement crypto payments in parallel with your regular payments.


The website of a business is what gives the business an image across the internet and even the smallest businesses use it to showcase their activity. The bigger the business, the bigger its website as it has more information to present and more services to provide. Our role is to understand what your business is about and use that along with your branding to create a website that truly brings to light the full value of your company and services, and allows your customers to easily interact with your business

Database Systems

The data of your business is one of the most critical things you own. In accordance with existing regulations, we make sure your data is well protected with the required level of security. Performance can also be a big issue when working with lots of data, but we make sure to structure your data in the proper manner, so that you can easily find it and quickly access it. Our development team can architect your entire Database Systems, and set it up either on your local server or on a secure cloud service of choice

Blockchain Applications

Decentralised software is not just cryptocurrencies, but a technology that contributes in many areas of our daily life, using its properties to store data in ways that bring trust and security to the people using them. Nowadays, the blockchain gives massive utility to a lot of industries such as finance, art, music, gaming, social, constructions, insurance and many others. For more info, check out our dedicated section for Blockchain services (link to Blockchain Development Page).

Token Creation

Create your own token on blockchain, either a basic token, advanced or a presale token

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The most popular phenomenon in blockchain world. Own your NFT now

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Payment System

We also offer services to create payment system based from blockchain

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We also provided other blockchain developments

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DX Software for your Software Development

One of our strongest skills is versatility, being able to adapt to our clients context and needs and build the exact tools they need for their growth. With years of experience in developing tools for both small and large companies, we can quickly identify opportunities within your business and help you find ways to achieve its true potential. Our business analyst will give you technical advice and help you identify powerful solutions, while our developers will work alongside you and your team to build the software that will make your lives easier.

DX Software Development Projects

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Get your project started right now! We build for all devices and platforms.

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At DX we turn the best ideas into proven solutions. Learn more about us.


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