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Quality Assurance and Testing

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Software QA and testing is the process of validating the correctness, completeness, and security of software products before they are released. Laying out a test plan and performing functional, non-functional and acceptance testing are some of the most common processes that the software QA team performs to test all the functionalities of a software product.

Our team will review your requirements and document, test, identify defects and deliver all levels of quality assurance for your project. We are responsible for ensuring that your software performs as expected, and that it is ready for user acceptance testing before it can be released.

Why QA is important?

QA Saves You Money

A faulty software project costs you users and clients. The longer a bug goes undetected in your software, the more difficult and expensive it is to fix it.

QA Prevents Catastrophes

The bigger the project, the higher the stakes. Issues in any software can lead to system blackouts, missing data, and communication breakdowns.

QA Maintains Great User Experience

User experience can make or break a product. Glitching software impedes the experience of the user with the product and a bad user experience results in dissatisfaction and frustration.

QA Brings In More Profit

Investing in QA will allow you to sell your product at a valuable rate. There is nothing worse than an angry user who paid for a product that doesn’t properly work.

QA Inspires Confidence

By making software testing a clear priority for software development, you are sending a message that you’re in the business of delivering quality and forging long-term relationships.

QA Boosts Satisfaction

Taxing your customer’s patience with defective software that you have to constantly fix is a great pain. Give them quality from the beginning and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

QA Promotes Organisation, Productivity, and Efficiency

You want to avoid the chaos of faulty software, frantic communication, and hurried fixes. When testing is an integral part of your software strategy, you win, your client wins, and their users win.

Quality Assurance and Testing Categories

Manual Testing

Testing is a crucial part to software development. With our QA process, we help you find bugs and errors early enough in the process to make necessary changes, thus ensuring your product is always on the right track.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a great way to ensure your product works well. It can be especially useful for testing the behaviour of your software after a change, and it can even let you catch bugs that might otherwise escape notice.

API Testing

We ensure your software works consistently and gives the best user experience. With proper API testing for your application, we sure the application works as it should and would be easy to use for external users

Web & Mobile QA

Our team of professional mobile and web QA experts will ensure your software is rock solid from both a functional and usability standpoint before it ever reaches the hands of your users.

Security Testing

We provide security testing for your application to ensure hackers do not get in and cause an issue. We want to protect you, your users and your data, while keeping the application as welcoming as ever.

Performance Testing

Our testing services provide automated load and stress testing and performance benchmarking to ensure everything works blazingly fast even on less performant devices.

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Software QA and testing are critical to ensuring the quality of your product, and we're here to help you develop a smooth and easy to use application. Our goal is to make sure your application is user friendly with minimal bugs and errors.

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