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Using Blockchain has been a game changer for many businesses. Our flagship product is our Consultation Package for business owners, directors, leaders and entrepreneurs that are willing to find an opportunity in embracing blockchain technology for their company. Many big brands have done this already. Notable examples include:

  • Coca-cola using blockchain software to manage their supply chain
  • Starbucks using blockchain technology for their loyalty programs
  • Reddit using image NFTs on the blockchain for their collectible avatars
  • Netflix using video NFTs on the blockchain to understand TV show engagement
  • Telegram building their own blockchain to offer more privacy to their user accounts
  • JP Morgan moving international transactions on the blockchain
  • Nike buying a blockchain company and moving their marketing to the metaverse

We use our research based on real life case studies to find the best approach for each of the companies that we are mentoring. We diagnose your current company situation and design the best strategy for you, so you can get the most from the blockchain technology out there.

Many of the companies that we mentor decide to go with us as technical partners and we will build for them the blockchain-based software that will fulfil their needs.

If you are looking to get started into the blockchain world and you don't know where to start from, our coaching is exactly what you need.

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Intro Session

Live Consultation

Find out how blockchain impacts your industry. Most of your competitors are already using this new technology. Don't let them go ahead of you. Learn about the possibilities and begin your journey to your business 3.0. Get in a call with an expert today!


Introductory Session (30 mins)

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Full Session

Live Consultation

Learn how to grow your brand using web3 technologies! We will diagnose your business and find ways to empower it. Get in a live call with one of our technical experts and get the guidance you need!



One Session (60 mins)

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One Month Package

Live Consultation

Our monthly program is an easy step by step process. The goals are to boost brand awareness, increase revenue or solve pain pains. We'll go through all the aspects of your business. We will identify opportunities. We will design a strategy that only blockchain technology can unlock.



6 Sessions + 2 Bonus Sessions

Why Us?

DX Software is a hub of growth and innovation. Our specialists combine their great expertise with the love for teaching. They can help you! Planning to start a new project? Missing valuable technical information? Looking to expand your knowledge? Contact us today and we will guide you on your journey.

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